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Our specials are the only boards available through us. These are boards that have either been damaged in shipping or needed to be reworked. They get tested the same as any of our other boards that are offered through our distributors. Email us with your address and we can verify availability and shipping with USPS.

SDB004     (x1)  It had a corner cracked off in transit from my build                                     house. It has been tested and works perfect. - $200

                    (x1) These had components reworked after they came                                       in from our build house. Tested and works 100% - $200

WDB089     (x3) These boards had a component replaced. They passed

                            all quality control test and work 100% - $230

MPU9211   (x2) These boards needed to have a component replaced.

                            They are brand new and tested 100%

                            (These boards have special install instructions 

                            depending on the which Williams system game it goes

                            into!!!)  Install Instructions 

                            $320 for system 11's \ $330 for system 9 with Roms


DIS089        (x6) These boards had been packaged very quickly after

                          they went through our build house's last stage. Light

                          'water drop' marks on some of the LED's. Can be seen up

                          close, but at playing distance, you cant see. -$110