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Rottendog Amusements "Specials Page"

From time to time we get in new boards from our build house (in the USA) that have blemishes, or that require some level of light "rework".  To that end, this page is set up to offer factory seconds that come with 100% customer satisfaction.

Below, if any,  you will find specific boards that meet this criteria along with a brief description as to what made it get to this page.  If no boards are listed, that means we do not have any factory seconds currently available.  

If you are interested in one of the boards, contact us first to see if the board is still available

Please keep in mind details for these items (if any) can be found on our products page.  

Also, shipping, and any optional items (i.e. Game ROM, CPU, etc.) are incremental to the price posted.

Product   Product       Date          Discount   Description why Board is on Special

  ID       Number     Posted           Price

ID#085    FLP023    2/1/2017         $62        Board has a reworked transistor - Works 100%    - SOLD