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* All of our Boards are Complete Redesigns of Originals *

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Power Supplies / Rectifiers

APS011  Williams S11 Auxillary Power Supply

BPS018 - Bally & Stern Power Supply / Rectifier Board used in most early 1980's Games

BPS022 - Bally & Stern Voltage Regulator / Driver Board used in most 1980's Games   

BPS054 - Bally & Stern Power Supply / Rectifier Board used in most late 1980's Games

DPS004 - Data East "Small and Medium Sized" DMD Pinball Power Supply  

GPS002 - Gottlieb System 1 Pinball Power Supply

GPS081 - Gottlieb System 80 Pinball Power Supply

WDP011A - Replaced by WDP3211A

WDP011C - Williams System 11B/C Alphanumeric Pinball Power Supply

WDP3211A - Williams System 3 to 11A and Data East Numeric display power supply

WPS346 - Replaced by WDP3211A

WPS079 - Replaced by WDP3211A

Driver Boards

BPS022 - Bally & Stern Voltage Regulator / Driver Board  

DMD004 - Data East / Sega Dot Matrix Driver / Controller Board   

DMD089 - Williams WPC Dot Matrix Driver / Controller  Board  

GDB001 - Gottlieb System 1 Driver Board

GDB003 - Gottlieb System 3 Driver Board

GDB080 - Gottlieb System 80 Driver Board

PBB080 - Gottlieb System 80 Pop Bumper Board (Small, but full of power)

PPB001 - Data East Playfield Power Board (PPB)

SDB004 - Stern White Star Driver Board  

WAV095 - Williams WPC95 Audio / Visual Board - Discontinued

WDB008 - Williams WPC 8 driver board

WDB089 - Williams / Bally WPC89 and WPC-S Driver Board

WDB095 - Williams / Bally WPC95 Driver Board


MPU080 - Gottlieb System 80 / A MPU Board

MPU327 - Combination Williams System 3, 4, and 6 MPU and Driver Board

MPU004 - Data East  MPU and Driver Board  

MPU089 - Williams / Bally WPC89 MPU Board

MPU095 - Williams/ Bally WPC95 MPU Board

MPU011A - Replaced by MPU9211

MPU011C - Replaced by MPU9211

MPU9211  Combination Williams Syster 9 and System 11/A/B/C MPU Board

MPUSEC - Williams WPC-S MPU Board

MPUWS  - Stern Pinball Whitestar MPU/ Sound Board

LED Replacement Displays

DIS011 - Williams S11 Display Board (Left and Right) as used on Elvira & Party Monsters

DIS021 - Bally / Stern 6 Digit Displays (Like Kiss and Playboy)

DIS058-1 - Bally / Stern 7 Digit Displays w/ one 6 Digit Display (Like Centaur and Xenon)

DIS058-2 - Bally / Stern 7 Digit Displays w/ two 6 Digit Display (Like Medusa)

DIS079 - Williams 7 Digit Displays (Like Black Knight)

DIS089 - Williams WPC89 Alphanumeric Displays (like Funhouse)

DIS200 - Williams / Data East 4 person, 7 Digit Display Board (as used on F14)

DIS200-R The same as DIS200 but with RED LED displays-

DIS200-B The same as DIS200 but with Blue LED displays-  

DIS240 - Williams Dual 16 Digit Display Board (as used on Whirlwind)  

DIS240-R The same as DIS240 but with RED LED displays

DIS240-B The same as DIS240 but with Blue LED displays

DIS244 - Data East  Dual 16 Digit Display Board

DIS326 - Williams System 3 through System 6 Six digit Displays


CLK001 - Williams / Bally Twilight Zone Clock Board

FLP001 - Williams / Bally Type 2 Flipper Board

FLP007 - Williams / Bally Type 1 Flipper Board

FLP023- Data East / Sega  Universal Flipper Board

FLP892 - Williams / Bally Fliptronics I & Fliptronics II Board  

SSC001 - Bally Scared Stiff Crate LED Board

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