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Rottendog Amusements

We are THE Lowest Cost Providers of Replacement Pinball Circuit Boards in the World!

* All of our Boards are Complete Redesigns of Originals *

Part Number MPU080

Gottlieb System 80/80A MPU Board

MPU080- This is a plug-and-play replacement board for most Gottlieb S80 and S80A games (see listing below).  This board works 100% with all licensed Gottlieb products.

The advantages of this board over the original and/or aftermarket MPUs are:

- Plug and Play replacement for supported S80/S80A games with simple DIP switch setting.

- Move this board from game to game by simply changing a DIP switch setting.  No more cutting traces, soldering jumpers, changing Game ROMs, etc.  

- No adding serial cables and downloading game software off of a PC.

- Eliminates the dreaded power-on “Thunk” associated with the original MPU/Driver

- LEDs added to indicate power and reset status.

- Off board battery storage.  Uses 3 AA batteries instead of battery backed RAM (hard to find).  No more battery damage to the MPU!

- Made from new technology parts that are easily available

- Made with all through-hole components for ease of repair (no surface mount compontents)

- Sockets added for easy replacement of critical Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Note:  This board is the only aftermarket S80/S80A MPU board under license from Gottlieb.   

If you use an aftermarket driver board or power supply that is incompatible with Gottlieb’s licensed products, please do so at your own risk!

This board is a drop-in MPU replacement for the following Gottlieb System 80 & 80A Pinball Games:

Alien Star

Amazon Hunt - A Problem Has Been Identified with Amazon Hunt.  Working on it.

Black Hole




Devil's Dare

El Dorado

Force II

Haunted House

Ice Fever

Jacks to Open

James Bond      (For 3/5 ball function, set dip switch for ECLIPSE)

Mars God of War


Pink Panther


Q*bert's Quest

Rack Em Up

Ready Aim Fire


Royal Flush Dix



Star Race


Super Orbit

The Games