Data East Small / Medium DMD Power Supply

 DPS004  - Power Supply compatible with all Data East small and medium sized DMD pinball games.  See game listing below to see which games this supply supports.

This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM  power supply. 

The original power supply that this board replaces is Data East part numbers

520-5047-00,  520-5047-01, and 520-5047-02

Key Benefits

- High Efficiency +5V section reduces heat dissipation

- Test points added for all voltages generated on the board

- All new (not 15+ year old) components and PCB


We now offer replacement connectors and pins for the often burned mating connectors to CN1 and  CN8.  If you want to look to add to your order, click here:  connectors

Game Listing

Guns N' Roses
Jurassic Park
Last Action Hero
Lethal Weapon 3
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Star Trek 25th Anniversary
Star Wars
Tales from the Crypt
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
WWF Royal Rumble